Terms & Conditions


It is essential that all those making purchases from the company understand the Terms & Conditions under which Engineering Supply Company accept purchase orders from their customers, the terms of which will become the contract of sale.

1. Orders

All quotations given and all sales made are upon the express condition, that although the goods supplied are of sound commerical quality, and every care has been taken in manufacture, there is no guarantee as to their suitability for any specific purpose, even if that purpose is known to the Company. The buyer must therefore satisfy himself that the goods conform to his requirements before use.

2. Payment

Terms of payment are strictly 30 Days Nett Monthly unless other terms have been agreed in writing.

3. Deliveries

Delivery times date from our acceptance of an official order and receipt of full instructions and information enabling us to proceed without interruption.
a. Deliveries given in our quotation are subject to confirmation at time of acceptance of order.
b. While delivery times are given in good faith, they are not guaranteed and are also contingent upon strikes, breakdowns, delays in transport, fire, accidents,
government directives or other circumstances beyond our control.

4. Title

The property of the goods remains vested in us until payments are made in full. At any time, that any sum of money is due to us under this contract remains unpaid, we shall have the right to notify our customers of our intention to retake, and we shall have the right to retake possession of our goods.

5. Despatch

a. If applicable, despatch charges will be an extra of the contract and shall be paid to us by the buyer.
b. Any damage, breakage or shortage must be notified to us within 3 working days of receipt of goods.

6. Order Cancellation

Orders accepted by us cannot be cancelled except without consent in writing and on terms that will indemnify us against loss. Only in exceptional circumstances and subject to our specific written agreement in each instance, will we accept back for credit goods already delivered. If returned goods are accepted in these circumstances, they will be subject to a handling charge.

Special non-standard products cannot be cancelled, exchanged or credited. We reserve the right, to over or under produce each item by up to 10%.

7. Liability

The Company’s liability in respect of goods furnished shall be limited to the purchase price of the goods in respect of which damages are claimed.