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Doosan Robotics

Excellence beyond imagination

Doosan are a world leader in Collaborative Robots. Based in South Korea, their range of Doosan robots have found application across a wide range of functions and industries.

Doosan collaborative robots, cobots, can be applied in a wide range of processes, such as part assembly, screw tightening, and quality inspection using vision systems. They can also be applied in pick-and-place, packing and palletizing, and polishing/deburring processes. Their application is limited only by your imagination …

Unlike industrial robots, Doosan cobots are designed to work alongside people, cohabiting the same space as other workers.  With a built-in precision torque sensor in each of six axes Doosan robots provide industry leading collision detection, superior dexterity and direct teaching (learn by doing) programming while their small form factor and light weight makes for easier deployment.


One Stop Shop for
Collaborative Applications

Based in Denmark, OnRobot have a worldwide  presence offering their ‘one stop shop for collaborative Applications’.  On OnRobot manufacture tools that fit ‘On Robots’, in fact their tools fit onto any brand of robot and are fully compatible with all the robots in the Doosan range.

OnRobot solutions help small and mid-sized manufacturers optimize their processes and grow their businesses with greater flexibility, higher output and improved quality. 

Collaborative automation has levelled the playing field for small and mid-sized manufacturers, and as robots become easier to buy and implement, the tooling has become the vital element in adapting for a wide range of applications.


Dormer Pramet is the result of a merger in 2014 between the rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer, founded in Sheffield in 1913, and indexable specialist Pramet. With a reputation for quality and reliability, Dormer Pramet are dedicated to simplifying tool choice and usage.  The strengths of each company were combined to create a single platform, offering a full range of high quality, fit-for-purpose products globally, including hole-making, milling, turning and threading tools.

With 20 offices worldwide, serving over 100 countries, production facilities in Europe and South America and a highly developed logistics network, Dormer Pramet are a leading global supplier of metal cutting tools to the general engineering industry.

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Hole Machining
Hole Machining
Tooling Systems
Tooling Systems

Founded in 1898 in Germany, the Guhring Group is a world class manufacturer of precision cutting tools and allied tooling for the engineering & manufacturing industries.

With a range of 1620 standard products in over 44,000 sizes Guhring provides the ideal tooling solution in the fastest possible time. An established UK manufacturing company, Guhring Limited can produce special tools on short deliveries with a fast regrind/recoating service.

Guhring offers customers a complete tooling ‘package’ that includes the well-established manufacture and supply of precision cutting tools, full product design, development, tool holding systems, tool management, tool re-tipping, re-grinding and re-coating services, complemented by an extensive stock holding of standard and special products in the UK at their Birmingham facilities.

The global leader in permanent marking equipment

Following the merger of Gravograph, Technifor and Vision Numeric, today the Gravotech Group is a global leader in the engraving and permanent marking sectors.

Gravotech designs, manufactures and distributes innovative engraving, marking and cutting solutions, developing software solutions for design modelling and the manufacture of graphic objects.

The supplier of laser and dot-peen marking machines for automatic identification and traceability of industrial parts, Gravotech Technifor offers a comprehensive range of technologies, with over 40,000 industrial markers installed worldwide and over 30 years of experience in the design of industrial traceability systems.

Gravotech Technifor offers its clients complete solutions integrating marking and automatic verifications using cameras.

Technifor Becomes Gravotech

An iconic Australian brand founded in 1917, Sutton Tools is an international supplier of competitively priced quality cutting tools.

With manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand and disrtibution centres in Asia and Europe, Sutton Tools produces over 20,000 items including Drills, Taps, Endmills, Countersinks and Holesaws together with a wide range of power tool accessories to service Tool & Die, Aerospace, Automotive and General Engineering Industries.

Through continual aggressive reinvestment and research & development programs, Sutton Tools provide product, surface coatings and regrinding specific to the many sophisticated and varied applications encountered by industry today.

Sutton Tools comprehensive range of high performance, precision cutting tools includes HSS, HSS-Co, HSSE-V, Powdered Metal HSS and Carbide ranges manufactured to ISO, DIN, ANSI, BS & JIS standards, which are complemented by latest generation PVD coatings and state of the art Vacuum Heat Treatment.

Sutton Tools is a proud member of the Australia Made project, the mark of quality and reliability.


SAIT is one of the most important companies on the European and world scene for the production of rigid and flexible abrasives for industrial use. Established in 1963, SAIT Abrasives (UK) Ltd is the UK member of the SAIT Group.

It is recognised as a quality abrasive manufacturer supplying products to industrial professionals for all applications relating to the processing of metal, wood, stone and building materials, together with a complete range of products suitable for body shop and car accident repair.

While other manufacturers have sourced their products from overseas, SAIT Abrasives have built up their UK manufacturing base, with a 22,800 sq ft manufacturing and warehousing facility in Leister, just off junction 21 of the M1, with 2 new production facilities in the UK added in 2019.

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Building Materials
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For over 80 years Seco has been a leading Swedish manufacturer and one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, holemaking and tooling systems, operating in more than 75 countries.

More than just a cutting tool provider, Seco develop and supply the technologies, processes and supports that manufacturers depend on to maximize productivity and profitability.

With s strong emphasis on Research and Development, Seco partner closely with providers of complementary technologies to ensure manufacturers have access to comprehensively optimized solutions.

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Tooling Systems
Tooling Systems
Ilix Logo

Quality and Reliability since 1895

Founded in 1895, Ilix is a leading German manufacturer of high-precision cutting tools. From their central European base just outside Frankfurt Ilix produce a range of high quality, high precision cutting tools.

Where precision really matters, Ilix Precision provides tools for demanding tasks from dry machining with high performances twist drills (VHM) to thread production or reaming even in hundredth increment sizes.

Ilix offer a wide range of fully developed solutions for metal cutting. Their long experience in manufacturing tools builds the strong foundation for high-quality, precise and highly productive precision products for even the most demanding metal cutting applications.


Kendu S, COOP was founded in 1975 and is a Spanish manufacturer of HSSE end mills. Their range is suitable for high-speed cutting machines for a wide range of materials (steel, aluminium, titanium, graphite, etc.);  Kendu have a range of over 8,000 standard tools.

Kendu offer a value for money product range that includes customized tools, both in HSSE and Solid Carbide, to provide cost effective solutions to the machining challenges of customers.

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From the Basque region of Spain, Izar is a long-standing Spanish manufacturer of cutting tools for industrial use.  An employee-owned company with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Izar has a history dating back to 1910.  Izar has a commercial presence in more than 90 countries and exports over 70% of its production from Spain.

Izar have always specialised in the production of precision cutting tools (drill bits, end mills, taps…) for different industrial uses, such as drilling, reaming, counterboring, threading, milling and turning; while also offering a wide range of tools for hardware and building sectors.

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A Japanese pioneer in mineral research and the development of cemented carbides since 1929, Tungaloy is now the international market leader in the development of powder metallurgy and innovative coating technology for high-quality cutting tools

A strong quality ethic and a drive for innovation puts Research and Development at the heart of Tungaloy. The result is a diverse range of products, including metal cutting tools (such as indexable inserts and steel products), wear resistant tools, civil engineering tools, and friction materials; all based upon Tungaloy’s expertise in powder metallurgy.

The Hoffmann Group are a market leader for quality tools  worldwide. 

The family-led Hoffmann business has continually re-invented itself over the past 100 years: It has adapted to changing market conditions, anticipated new trends, and launched innovative products and services. As a system partner to industry, the Hoffmann Group continues to grow and develop, while remaining ever true to itself in spite of all the change. It has been helping to boost the productivity of its customers worldwide since 1919.

Based on the motto “Ever better” – embodied primarily by Franz Hoffmann himself – the Hoffmann Group works constantly to offer its customers ever more efficient and powerful products and services.  This is reflected in their brands, GARANT and HOLEX.

The Hoffmann name is a byword for excellent service and expert advice.   

Their products demonstrate a high level of stability, quality and reliability under high stress.

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Nikkon Cropped

The Nikken name derives from the Japanese phrase for ‘research every day’.  This spirit drives their product development which has produced a range of high-precision tools with an emphasis on quality and product longevity.

Regardless of your industry, NIKKEN have a solution to suit your requirements. From large aerospace manufacturers to small machine shops, NIKKEN have over 40,000 readily available products from their Euro centre

Our commitment to our customer is always the same: to increase productivity and performance

NIKKEN’s expertise in all High-value Manufacturing Industries has established it as a market leader in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Mould and Die, Technology and the Oil and Gas industry.  Working within critical tolerances with faultless reliability, NIKKEN has developed their products to provide absolute process reliability.

NIKKEN are world leaders in high precision NC Tooling, Rotary Tables, Presetters, Angle Heads and Spindle Optimisation solutions.

Rotary Tables
Presetters / Software
Spindle Optimisation